1. Business

Revolutions in Investment and Capital Market

Cocky Capital Private Limited is a private limited company incorporated in November 2021 is an investment and financial consultant company. Which aims to bring a revolution in the investment and capital market by providing the consultancy and advisory services.
There are a lot of problems faced by this industry and the stakeholders such as Lack of Business Insights, Lower client retention, Improper Planning, Lack of Real-Time Information and collaboration and Inaccurate Budgeting and Forecasting. The company aims to solve the various problems by providing the consultancy and advisory services under one roof. The other problems includetime consuming job, Lack of Real-Time Information and many others.
Cocky Capital will provide solutions to all the above and related problems prevailing in the investment sector, which will thereby enhance the customer trust and inculcate a habit of saving and investment in them. However, conditions may differ while performing the actual task from those conditions which were considered while framing standards.
Therefore due to standards rigidity, actual and standard performance cannot be properly evaluated. Determination of standards for measuring actual performance which is a very difficult task. There are no proper setup criteria for setting up standards and there may be chances to set improper standards.
Applying various financial control measures faces several difficulties. These financial controls can be easily applied at the starting of the process but its implication becomes difficult during operation of the process.

Affordable commercial places for all.

PAN India work culture is extremely dynamic yet disciplined.
This vibrant metropolitan is characterized by a highly ambitious workforce who reflect a true sense of fervor towards reaching their career goals. Despite several challenges, they exhibit honesty and urgency in completing their tasks. And to make their work experience as smooth and flexible as possible, Cocky Capital provides them myriad options to enjoy the benefits of a coworking space in Pan India as per the requirement. A flexible office space for Owned/Rent in Pan India is the ideal setting for the millennial workforce to engage in networking and communication. This will help them establish symbiotic relationships with other associates. Cocky Capital office for rent in Pan India provides its workers with the right inspiration, space and community to excel in their personal and professional endeavors.
Primarily focusing on 3 main parameters – People, Proximity and Performance – the Cocky Capital office space in Pan India is sure to change your perception about collaborative working. It is here to provide you a platform for enhancing your growth opportunities utilizing minimum resources.

Capital & Credit to setup EV charging Station

India’s efforts already started delivering. The highway between Delhi and Chandigarh is the first in the nation to be made e-vehicle friendly by BHEL. It commissioned 20 Solar-based EV Chargers. Talking about the EV chargers, the total number of charging stations increased by about 285 per cent year over year in the financial year (FY) 2022. OMC as on July 01, 2022, established 3448 electric vehicle charging stations at their Retail Outlets Government measures will further boost expansion to 4 lakh charging stations by FY 2026.
Focus on energy, power electronics and control technology,
Cocky have three standard product line: Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS), EV charger and Battery Energy Storage System, to provide global customers with complete solutions.

2. Information about the Company :

Name of Company
MSME Status
Date of Incorporation
Registered Office
Cocky Capital Private Limited
G II 83/18 GF, POLE No. 4912 Sangam Vihar New Delhi – 110062
MSME Registration No.
Trade Mark No
StartupIndia Registration No.
Pvt. Ltd. Company

3. Administrative control and the Board of Directors and Shareholders:

The total strength of its Board is 2 (Two) with 4 Shareholders.
1. Mr. Gopal Tiwari, Executive Director –Chairman
2. Mrs. BImla Tiwari, Executive Director – Member
3. Mr. Kishan Tiwari – Shareholder
4. Miss. Pooja Tiwari – Shareholder

4. Capital structure, Authorised and the paid up capital:

The capital structure as on the date of reporting:
Authorised share capital:
Rs.10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakhs only) divided into 1,00,000 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- each.
Paid up capital of the Company is Rs.2,00,000/- (Rupees Two lakhs only) divided into 20,000 equity shares of Rs.10/- each.

5. Information about the Company’s Compliance advisor

Name                                :   CogNezic Taxations Private Limited
Address                            :   Daftari Complex A/10 Basement M B Estate Road ,Palghar VIRAR Thane MH 401303
Website :                          :
Telephone number        :   +91 952 221 0347

Email                                 :

6. Information about the Company’s Banker

Name                                :   Kotak Mahindra Bank
Address                            : Ground Floor, L-9, Kalkaji, New Delhi Pin : 1100019